Out Behind Stinson's, 2005, oil on canvas, 16x40. Sold.  Grand Prize Winner, Daniel Smith National Faces and Places Contest, 2007.

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The paintings I'm sharing are from the past 15 years or so.  The landscapes focus mainly on New England and a much-loved  stretch of the Maine coast.  Most were executed before 2008, when I stepped away from painting to work full time in science. In 2016 I went back into the studio.  I'm studying painting with renewed discipline and something bordering on mania.  I'm still having fun trying to merge Arnheim's Gestalt theories of visual perception with classical composition without making too much of a mess. My new passion is portraits, and I have taken a deep dive into studying classical and contemporary techniques.  Examples of my evolving portrait adventure are in the "Portraits" gallery. 

Jean Wiecha


Ode. 2006. Oil/Canvas. 24x40. Penobscot Bay, Northport, Maine. NFS.